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The action sports app from locals to the world.
Meet local riders / pilots
A Riders & Pilots network
We believe in the power and knowledge of the local riders/pilots. Connect with your community from your local scene to the world.
Connect with other Athletes
Meet up and visit new spots, connect with the local crew and get authentic knowledge of the local scene and people.
Message and the get real info
We all want the best live information on our spots. Message riders in real time located in your favourite spots.
Discover new spots
Search by map or proximity
Search for spots & athletes in the whole world or at your local scene. Discover the local and international scene and community.
Verified by locals
Who knows better about a spot than the locals at the scene? All of our spots are locally verified by true riders and pilots.
Get the full details
Pictures, hazards listing, restaurants nearby are just some of the infos your'll find about a spot. Feel the spot on Mov-Map before trying it out.
Monetise your passion
Share your insights
Receive riders and pilots from around the world at your local scene and get paid for the experience.
Create local experiences
Propose true and creative experiences as well as hosting services to inspire visitors from around the world.
Become an Ambassador
Be part of our core community to promote your local scene and access the best brands first at the best prices.
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