The Mov-Map Ambassadors Program is coming soon. Apply now for early access.

Mov-Map Ambassadors is a program for true enthusiasts in the action sport scene and an extension of the Mov-Map Action Guides App - the app for action sport fanatics & athletes coming to the Apple Store and Google Play Store this Spring 2019.

How it works

We have amazing benefits for our Ambassadors
Apply to be a Mov-Map Ambassador
We are looking for real riders/pilots in the action sports to join the Alpha version of Mov-Map Ambassadors. Spaces are limited so make sure to apply early.
Access the best Brands like the Pros
Want to enjoy 100% new seasonal sport and tech equipment? Join our private platform with products from top Brands in the scene. Benefit from pre-production prices and order products before anyone else!
Access special events & promotions
As an Ambassador you'll access the best events, premiers and presentations both in and our of your zone of influence. Visit the best spots as Mov-Map guest, it's on us!
Build strong partnerships with Brands
Be part of the marketing message of the best Brands in your sport and let your imagination run wild.. Create events, promotions, demonstrations etc. Our Brands will compensate you for your creative work!

Frequently Asked Questions

What action sports do you work with?
We will start working with Brands & Ambassadors of the following sports: Ski / Snowboarding, Surf, Paragliding, Biking and Motocross,.
What's an Alpha version?
An Alpha version is the release of a piece of software or app for early testing to only very interested parties who provide feedback and help build a great app.
Is it really free?
Yes! Mov-Map Ambassadors will be 100% free, no sign-up fees and no hidden transactions. Mov-Map Ambassadors will never charge Ambassadors, you are at the heart of our mission <3.
How will you sell awesome products at such a low price?
We have great relationships with Brands in the industry and together we will help them spread their message to the world. In exchange for your Ambassador services, Brands give you free access to pre-production prices on all of their latest catalog.
Will the Alpha version be available in my country?
We aim to support as many athletes and enthusiasts around the world as possible. Our Alpha version will be only launched in Spain, Chile & Argentina in 2019 and plan a wider rollout in Europe & USA later on. If you're outside of launched areas, you can join the waiting list here.
When are you fully launching?
We plan to release a short Beta version for a wider audience of Ambassadors and Brands and then launch our first official product later in 2019.
Where can I send feedback?
This is exactly what we are looking for! We will have a feedback process built into Mov-Map Ambassadors Alpha version, to send general thoughts please you can get in touch on the chat below.
What is Mov-Map Actions Guides?
Mov-Map Actions Guides is an app built by real riders & pilots for real riders & pilots. We aim to connect your favourite spots with all of the community worldwide. We're creating new tools for all athletes to monetise and empower their true passion.

We've worked with the best

Mov-Map is building a modern and social digital community for action sport lovers, fanatics and professionals alike. Our mission is to involve everyone in the community worldwide to give everyone access to the best spots and reviews while rewarding the biggest advocates with access to unique discounts, events and promotions.
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